Upload, analysis, results!

Use the new, versatile and automatic online tool that predicts your customers’ attention.

With the click of a button you can test your design, optimize your ad, improve a shelf layout, and any other visual asset.


How it works

NeuroVision is a solution based on Artificial Intelligence. It analyzes your images and videos, and then predicts what people are most likely to see and miss. Some use cases include:


Predict Visual Attention!

90% Precision

NeuroVision heat maps predict where people will automatically look

Rapid Response

Images are analyzed in a few seconds. A 30 seconds video is delivered in a few minutes


Prices starting at 60€ per month and with subscription solutions

Science Based

NeuroVision is built on scientific publications and leading neuroscience expertise


Run analyses and inspect results on all digital platforms, including phones, tablets and computers

New Insights

NeuroVision provides a learning platform for how to secure attention to what's most important

what our clients say!

"We have found Neurons as the only tool with results that match with our independent measures. In this way, we combine our EEG outcome with Neurons results into a sound and solid deliverable for our customers."
"Thanks to Neurons we have decreased the demand of eye-tracking misuse, and offer a quantitative, statistically operational resource for our clients."
"As the importance of neuromarketing grows in my business, so too does our need for the most advanced tools. Neurovision from Neuronsinc puts us at the forefront of this market."

Video comparison

Amazing video prediction !



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