Cases & Tutorials

Visual attention is fundamental to every single consumer behavior. Therefore, NeuroVision can be used for a range of different solutions.

On this page, we present different use cases to show how NeuroVision works and how it can be used to solve your visual attention challenges. These cases can also be used for inspiration to your own challenges.

How to set up your NeuroVision account

In this brief tutorial, we show you how you can set up your own NeuroVision account, and run your first free trial.

12 easy steps to get you started

Let’s get you started with using NeuroVision! In this video, we show you how to run your first analysis, and what the metrics mean.

Three types of NeuroVision analyses

In this tutorial, we show how you can run different types of image and video analyses. We also show what the different scores mean: both the heatmap, fog map, cognitive demand score, and clarity score.

Areas of Interest analysis in NeuroVision

In this video tutorial, we show you how you can use our new feature, Areas of Interest (AOI) drawing. This allows you to get data on very specific areas that you have a particular focus on. This can be a brand, a product, a call to action, and other things.
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