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NeuroVision is the new competitive edge for companies.
By using the power of neuroscience and AI,
you can now boost attention for your product, ad, package, sign, and other elements.

Avoiding the corner of death for your brand building

How can you avoid making attention mistakes during your brand building? A recent post at Neurons Inc showed that almost 50% of ads were placing the brand in the “corner of death.” This area is well known to be a place where nobody pays attention. Here, we show how you can use NeuroVision to ensure that your own brand building does not fall prey to this problem.

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How to win Black Friday attention

As we’re heading towards Black Friday, as well as Cyber Monday, we also see the intensity for getting customer attention is growing. After all, how can you succeed in being heard when everybody else are shouting? It all depends on what you want to achieve. Here, we analyze some Black Friday offers to see what works best.

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Boosting live sports ads

As the world is staying more at home, consumption of online and TV content has exploded. This is also the case for live sports events, and when the audience is only virtual and not in the arena, advertising has a single focus: to be seen on the screen. So how do different sport types fare under closer inspection? Here, we have a look at three types of sport events.

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3 tips for winning the attention economy

At the core of the attention economy is that human attention should be treated as a scarce commodity. Put differently, we cannot assume that customers are willing and interested in spending a single second with what we want to tell them. To win in this attention economy, here are three tips.

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