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NeuroVision is the new competitive edge for companies.
By using the power of neuroscience and AI,
you can now boost attention for your product, ad, package, sign, and other elements.

Conceptual closure and failing ads

Recent studies show that abrupt scene changes in an ad can ruin the moment of branding. But such errors are easy to avoid. Here, we show you how the NeuronVision score Cognitive Demand can be used to boost branding in commercials.

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Avoid the corner of death!

A simple learning from years of study on attention and eye-tracking shows that anything presented in the bottom-right corner is the least thing to be seen. But what do a large amount of ads do? They put their brand smack in the bottom-right corner. What to do? Move it!

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The sweet spot of visual attention

More attention is better, right? According to the old dictum in advertising, you can never get enough of attention. After all, if you’re not seen, how can you provide your best message? How can you persuade or engage your audience? It turns out, neuroscience is not that straightforward.

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The making of our #attentionAI model

It might seem like fancy wording, but NeuroVision’s latest algorithm is based on best-in-class neuroscience and machine learning work. Here, we show exactly how we have gone about making the new model. This primer works like a simplified explanation of our technical paper.

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NeuroVision vs webcam eye-tracking

Recent advances suggest that webcam eye-tracking can work for consumer research. But a simple in-house demo shows exactly how bad it can be. The demo also shows just how good NeuroVision models are.

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The predictability of human attention

Why is NeuroVision working in the first place? Are humans really that predictable? What about cultural differences, different types of visual materials? In this primer, we take a look at exactly why NeuroVision’s powerful attention AI works in the first place.

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