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NeuroVision is the new competitive edge for companies.
By using the power of neuroscience and AI,
you can now boost attention for your product, ad, package, sign, and other elements.

Four types of attention!

In all customer touchpoints, attention is an absolute key! But what is attention really? While we might think of attention as a single thing, recent studies in cognitive neuroscience and psychology suggest that there are at least four types of attention.

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Optimizing traffic campaign signs

A lot of traffic accidents are preventable. To prevent drivers to speed excessively and to drive unsafely, we often see traffic campaign signs along the road that call for safer driving. But do they work? Here, we use NeuroVision to see if signs are likely to be seen.

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Boost a charitable donation with attention!

One of the more honorable ways to do marketing is to do it for the sake of good. But how well do charitable donation ads fare? Do they generate attention to the areas they should? As it turns out, charities need help to boost brand attention.

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The best movie for product placement

Which movie is the best (or worst) at product placement? By using NeuroVision, you can test how product placement actually works. Will it be the movies that unashamedly put branded products in your face or the more subtle cues? Read on to see who wins.

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Who Wins on Social Media Attention?

Which social media platform is the best for attracting attention to your ads? Here, we combine forces with Neurons Inc’s ad-insertion capability to test how the same ads perform on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

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What’s in a great package design?

Attention is key, even when you’re designing a new product packaging. So how well does prize-winning designs fare when put under the scrutiny of NeuroVision? Here, we show recent designs and how they fare on attention.

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